​​​​Upcoming Concerts

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25th August 2017 - 1pm Performance of Bach Goldberg Variations at St. Lawrence Jewry Festival, London, U.K

9th -17th September 2017 -
Performances as part of Bartok World Violin Competition, Budapest, Hungary

24th-29th September 2017 -Performances with Gamal Khamis at

Music at Brel, Roquecor​, France

​15th October 2017 -
7pm Recital for Hertford Music Club with Antonina Suhanova, U.K

​28th October - 5th November 2017 -
Performances as part of Isangyun International Violin Competition, Tongyeong, South Korea

15th November 2017 - 5pm BBC Radio 3 In-Tune Broadcast as part of Tchaikovsky Camerata Quartet

17th November 2017 - 7.30pm Performance with Tchaikovsky Camerata Quartet at Wimbledon Music Festival, Trinity Church, London, U.K

24th November 2017 - 7.30pm Recital for Horsham Music Circle with

Antonina Suhanova, The Drill Hall, Horsham, U.K

18th January 2018 - 7.30pm Recital for Grimsby Concert Society, with Antonina Suhanova at Grimsby Central Hall, U.K 


21st January 2018:
3pm Recital for Canterbury Music Club with Antonina Suhanova, St. Gregory's Centre for Music, U.K

26th January 2018: 7.30pm Recital for Tilford Bach Society with Antonina Suhanova, Farnham, U.K

3rd February 2018: 7.30pm 
String Trio Recital for Berkhamstead Music Society, U.K

10th February 2018:  
Recital for Wye Valley Music Society with Antonina Suhanova, U.K

10th March 2018: 8pm 
Recital for Amersham Concert Club with Antonina Suhanova, U.K

15th March 2018: 7pm 
Hattori Foundation Award Winners Recital with Antonina Suhanova at 1901 Arts Club, London, U.K

18th March 2018:
Recital for Holmes Chapel Music Society with Antonina Suhanova, U.K

25th April 2018: 7.30pm
Recital at St. Mary's Perivale with Gamal Khamis, London, U.K 

​25th June 2018: 11.30am
Recital for Beaminster Festival at St. Mary's Church with Antonina Suhanova, Dorset, U.K