​​​​Upcoming Concerts

Due to the current Covid-19 social distancing measures that are in place in the UK, unfortunately, I can not reveal a bustling and varied array of upcoming performances for the 2020/2021 season. However, I would like to assure my followers that I am still entirely dedicated to continue performing in any way or form that is deemed safe in the current climate. I have recently had success in performing outdoor concerts, live-streamed and prerecorded recitals and private live recitals. I will not be advertising these on my website as they are subject to sudden change in accordance with the occasionally very sudden change in UK government regulations. Please follow me on my Facebook page or Instagram for the latest updates on my upcoming performances, both live and online! 

If you are interested in booking me for a recital, I am currently a Selected Artist for
Making Music UK and can be booked through their system for live and online performances. I am also being represented by Premiere Recitals which specialises in arranging private online recitals and safe socially distanced recitals. Feel free to contact me directly to request any further information here.

Even though it is an increasingly challenging time for everyone in the world of classical music and the performing arts in general, I am confident that we will pull through. The classical music industry is one of the oldest performance mediums to still exist and it has faced pandemics before, as well as basically every other threat to humanity in the past 500 years! We have always continued to work and succeed and I implore you to not give up on us now. Please continue to listen, watch and support the Arts in any way you can.

I really hope to be able to perform for you in some way, sometime soon!